How to increase your pc performance for free?

Sometimes having 10 fps more than your opponent can affect your game a lot. Windows being a very heavy operating system uses lot of resources from background and can result in sudden stuttering or low fps. Today in this guide I will show you some basic steps by which you can optimize your computer for gaming and other high graphic intensity programs.

Before starting with the steps its good that you update your pc if available.

1. Performance mode

(a) Right-click on This PC and select properties

(b) Select Advanced system settings from right menu

(c) Click on Advanced tab and then select settings under performance

(d) In performance settings select Adjust for best performance and click apply.

(e) This setting is applied.

2. Disabling Background Apps

(a) Search for Background Apps in search option

(b) Click on Background Apps and turn off lets app run in the background.

(c) Done with this setting.

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