Build a gaming pc on a budget?

Want to play competitive games above 60 fps? Don’t have a huge pocket? Stick around and find the required components and their links to build a budget pc that can provide great performance for the price.


The following components can be bought online or from stores near you. Check for prices carefully

click on the product name to buy them

This type of rig can be built under 70k Indian Rupees. Nvidia’s 1650 is a budget GPU monster and paired with Ripjaws 16 GB 3200 MHz ram kit will provide consistent performance without stuttering and fps drops. You will be able to play any game on or above 60 fps easily. Some tweaks here and there and you are ready to conquer.

Follow this video link to learn how to build pc :

I hope this guide helped you to build your first budget gaming pc without breaking your bank. Keep following BaseHal for more exciting blogs.

Happy building!!!

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